Criminal Defence

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ("the Charter") gives you certain important protections.  The Charter, as part of the Constitution, is supreme law of the land, and as such, cannot be violated during the course of law enforcement.

The Charter protections include, among others:

  • Right to remain silent, which silence cannot be used against you;
  • Presumption of innocence, until proven legally guilty;
  • Right to be informed as to the charge of offence;
  • Right to hire a lawyer of your choice;
  • Freedom from unlawful search, seizure, detention, or excessive punishment;
  • Reasonable bail; and
  • Proper remedy in case of the government's breach of your Charter rights.

Criminal proceedings are complex, and you must exercise your rights throughout the process.  I will guide you through, and stand by you and your family at every stage.  We will hold the police and the prosecution accountable during the course of its investigation, arrest, bail, release, detention, and trial.

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Canadian and US Immigration

I have been an immigrant in Canada and US for nearly 20 years.  I completed high school, university, and graduate education in Canada, and I obtained my law degree in the US - all of them as a foreign national.

I personally understand the difficulties and frustration of coming to a new country, being separated from family and friends, and navigating through a maze of rules and regulations.

Built on from my own personal experiences, I can help you and your family to call this new country as your home.

If you would like to come to Canada or America as a visitor, worker, student, or refugee, let me assist you.

If you are already visiting, working, or studying in Canada or America, let's talk about how you can immigrate permanently.

If you would like your family member to be reunited in Canada or America, contact me so we can plan your reunion.

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Other Areas of Practice

Regulatory Offences

Prosecutors often have a wide range of discretion, being able to offer a plea to an alternative offence for which the consequences are far less severe.

If you have been charged with any provincial offence, such as a Highway Traffic Act or Liquour Licence Act violation, you should speak with a lawyer so that you can make a fully informed decision as to what to do about it and how to address it.

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