The Fee Schedules below are provided as examples only. Each Retainer Agreement will contain the fee structure that reflects the complexity of the case and the client’s financial circumstances.

Hourly Rates

Service Provided byHourly RatePer Diem Counsel Fee
(Bail, Hearing, Motion, or Resolution)
Michael Kim$250/hour$2000
Licensed Paralegal, Law
Student, or Court Agent

In many cases, I will offer a cap amount in writing, so as to protect the client from incurring excessive service charges.

Michael proudly honours legal aid certificates!

Canadian Immigration Cases Fee Schedule

Temporary ResidenceFee
Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor’s Visa)$1500
Super Visa$2000
Study Permit$1500
Work Permit$2000
Labour Market Impact Assessment$2000
Permanent ResidenceFee
Express Entry (Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker)$4000
Spousal Sponsorship$4000
Refugee Claim$5000
Humanitarian & Compassionate Application$5000
Permanent Resident Card Renewal$1000
Federal Court LitigationFee
Application for Leave and Judicial Review$3000
Mandamus Application$3000
Stay of Removal$3000
Other ServicesFee
Citizenship Application$2000
Criminal Rehabilitation$2000
Record Suspension$2000
Authorization to Return to Canada$5000
Ministerial Review: Canada Border Service Agency Seizure$2000

US Immigration Cases Fee Schedule

Visa TypeFee
B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa$1500
F-1 Student Visa$1500
J-1 Visitor and Exchange Visa$1500
K-1 Fiance(e) Visa + I-485 Adjustment of Status$5000
H-1B Visa$3000
E-2 Treaty Trader Visa$5000
I-192 Waiver$2000