Criminal Representations

  • “Dear Mr. Kim,
    I would like to thank you for all the help and support you provided me over the last 10 months or so. Your calm and collected approach and empathy was immeasurable. I highly recommend your service to any one in need of criminal representation.

    I recall I approached Mr. Kim immediately after the incident, before any charge was laid. He spent time to explain the criminal procedure and took control of the process from the very beginning to my relief. My arrest was expedited as he had made the arrangement with the detective beforehand. I was quickly released without bail, free of any onerous condition.

    I had complete trust in Mr. Kim; his advocacy was excellent. I followed his advice and instructions, and the charge was completely withdrawn. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Kim to anyone who is in need of criminal representation or advice. His knowledge and personal skills and more importantly genuine empathy make him a great lawyer. Thanks!”
    • Charge: Assault
    • Highlight: there was indisputable evidence against the client – entire incident was captured on the surveillance camera
    • Outcome: Charge Withdrawn
  • Hotly Contested Drug Bail Won
    • New Set of Charges: Possession for the purpose of Trafficking Fentanyl and Cocaine, and Unlawful Possession of Cannabis
    • Old Set of Charges: Mischief, Assault, Assault with Weapon, Utter Threat, and Theft
    • Highlight: The client had been released 8 days prior to this set of new charges. Amount of drugs involved were 75g of Fentanyl and 15g of Cocaine
    • Outcome: After 3 days of reservation, the Justice of Peace Signed the Release Order
  • Charge Withdrawn after One Court Attendance
    • Charge: Domestic Assault
    • Highlights: Allegations were that the client alleged pushed the girlfriend to the floor on the street and punched her in the face multiple times. Two bystanders claimed to witness the assault and one of them claimed to have the video of the entire incident.
    • Outcome: Charge Withdrawn and the Client Entered into a Common Law Peace Bond
  • “When I was arrested, I couldn’t even look at the guy because I was scared. Now that I am represented by you in court, I can look at him straight in the eye, and I just realized that he is smaller than me.”
    • Charge: Criminal Harassment
    • Highlight: Proceeding by Indictment
    • Outcome: Criminal Harassment Discharged at Preliminary Inquiry
  • “Michael Kim zealously represented me in court. He is the kind of lawyer who does not settle for what’s not the best for the client. I was impressed the way he advocated my case and the charge against me was withdrawn.”
    • Charge: Offence under Liquour Licence Act
    • Highlight: the client could have been charged for public intoxication under s. 175(1) of the Criminal Code
    • Outcome: Charge Withdrawn
  • Contested Reverse Onus Bail Won
    • Current Charges: Dangerous Driving, Assault with Intent to Resist, Assault, and Escape Custody
    • Outstanding Charges: Robbery
    • Highlights: the client has mental health issues and had not been bailed for 3 days before my representation; and the Crown opposed the client residing at certain residence
    • Outcome: client was released forthwith without restriction on his choice of residence

Immigration Representations

  • “I widely recommend Michael Kim as immigration lawyer. He is really professional, has a broad knowledge about this matter and provides the best service at all times caring always about his customers. (Excellent communication about how your process is going, polite if you have any concern or question anytime) He assisted me in solving some issues and in the process of getting my Study & Work permit and before long with my PR.” – Successfully obtained Post-Graduation Work Permit while the client was in implied status.

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